July 27, 2010

Golfing on the Riviera Maya

Moon Palace

(People-watching in Cancún) A man looks up with an expression of pure wonder and delight. Grinning broadly, he exclaims, "There's a Jack Nicklaus signature golf course here!"

His adult daughter frowns, "I didn't know that he was into golf."

"Jack Nicklaus?" Her father is both bemused and bewildered. "I'd say that he's very 'into golf'."

She's not convinced, "Just because he can act, doesn't mean that he's good at golf." Uncertainty piqued, "Or is he?"


"The actor!" His daughter clarifies the issue, "The one out of 'The Shining'!"

"I think you'll find that's Jack Nicholson." He chuckles. "Totally different person."

Moon Palace

Jack Nicklaus did indeed design a local championship golf course - at the Moon Palace Spa and Golf Club, Cancún. It's one of two Nicklaus signature courses on the Riveria Maya. The other is at the Mayan Palace, further down the coast towards Playa del Carmen. Further north, he has a third at the Yucatán Country Club, in Mérida. They are only three of the magnificent golf courses available, for seasoned golfers and hacking amateurs alike, in the region.

In 2003, the Mexican Open was held at Moon Palace. The tournament was part of the wider Tour de las Americas, with Colombia's Eduardo Herrera winning in Mexico. Jeff Burns (USA) and Eduardo Argiro (Argentina) were the runners up. When it's not being used for world class championships, Moon Palace is one of many courses open to the general public on the Mexican Caribbean.

If you are a golfing enthusiast, then watch this space. We have news of the best golf in Cancún coming up soon.


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