September 20, 2010

Hurricane Karl and Cancún

With the blogosphere and news full of dire reports about Hurricane Karl and Mexico, I'd like to confirm that Cancún has not been troubled. Karl has now dissipated into the mountains above Mexico City and will not be returning.

Hurricane Karl

This is not to gloat in the face of our friends in the northwest, who are certainly having to deal with the mess left by Karl. It is to reassure those who have been searching our site, and others, for information about Cancún and the Riviera Maya. Karl did not touch this area.

Cancún has woken up to a beautiful day. Blue skies, with a few white, fluffy clouds. The temperature is, at the time of writing, 24°C (75°F), due to rise to 29°C (85°F) before the day is through. For those wishing to see for themselves, then there is a page full of Cancún based webcams at EarthCam.

If you are planning to visit Veracruz, then it is worth checking with your travel agent. Hurricane Karl hit there on Friday, as a category 3, causing the deaths of seven people. Some areas of the state are experiencing flooding and damage to buildings.

For those concerned about hurricanes in the Mexican Caribbean, then I'd like to refer you to my earlier blogs on the subject: 'Oh No! It's the Hurricane Season!' and 'Surviving a Hurricane in Mexico'. There are many sites with up-to-date information, about what's forming and what's heading this way, or not. A personal favourite is Dr. Jeff Masters' WunderBlog.

In the meantime, Cancun Weather Today has the area on Blue Status. This is the second lowest flag. It is issued when there is 'Minimum Danger - When any tropical system forms in Atlantic or the Caribbean Sea.'

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