February 7, 2011

Journey of Action: The Browns Prepare for Mexico

Ryan and Kassidy Brown, siblings from the USA, did what many of us do, when faced with the world's ills. They sat on the couch and watched documentaries, then felt a little overwhelmed by it all. With an almost obsessive need to learn more, and to feel like they were doing something, they joined various action groups. Newsletters poured through the post; e-mails collected in their inboxes. But then came the epiphany and their whole lives were about to change.

Ryan and Kassidy Brown

The Browns, a brother and sister duo from Nashville, Tennessee, realised that they were reading a lot about the problems. However, they were hearing very little about what people were doing, on the ground, to address these issues. They had faith in their own generation, whom they've dubbed the Millenials, as an age-group of 'doers'. So what were these twenty-somethings actually doing? The Browns decided to take a camera out on the road to find out.

Their 'Journey of Action' has already taken them through their home country, as well as Canada. They are seeking out inspirational Millenials and filming their stories. Topics include sustainable living, positive environmental working and community development. Their journey began in Alaska and will end in Argentina. They will enter Mexico at the end of the month. The Browns travel in an RV van, altered to run on vegetable oil, blogging and Tweeting as they go.

Ryan Brown (30) was a Nashville Spanish teacher; Kassidy Brown (25) has worked on Disney film sets. The siblings are both graduates of the University of Belmont. Both have degrees in Communications and Spanish. They have described their 'big idea' as:

We believe our generation, Generation Y, is aware of the social and environmental challenges we face on a local and global level, but they lack daily tools for action. At the same time, there are so many members of our generation that are making change a reality and who are changing the traditional systems of business, non-profits, and education for the better, but they receive little to no media attention. So, our mission is to entertain, educate, and inspire our generation through short form videos that highlight the culture of social activism.
Fast Company Article

They have already earned the respect of outdoor clothing company, Timberland, who have underwritten the $50,000 to fund their epic project.

Their trip through Mexico will include visits to our world-famous coffee plantations. Ryan and Kassidy wish to see how Fair Trade principles are progressing through the work of the Latino Millenial Generation.

To learn more about this remarkable couple, and their great vision, then please visit their website: Journey for Action.

Here are a couple of tasters of their work:

If you wish to see more then stop by their YouTube channel. There will be plenty of Mexican footage coming up over the next few weeks.


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