April 5, 2011

Tulum: Top Five in TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice for 2011

Tulum has a beach that looks like some other Eden, all watched over by the remains of a Maya temple and port. It used to be the place where day-trippers, coming down from Cancún, would spend a few hours before moving on. But that taste of paradise just wasn't enough and increasingly vacationers headed straight to Tulum, bypassing the hustle, bustle and party atmosphere of northern Cancún. Tulum is just that good; a fact not at all lost on the Hollywood elite, who have been visiting the Riveria Maya resort in their droves.

Now, the respected, consumer-led travel site, TripAdvisor, has announced its 2011 Travelers’ Choice Beaches Awards. Mexico's Tulum has made the top five, from a selection which spanned the globe. This accomplishment is all the more wonderful, when it is factored in that only vacationers, who had actually been there, could vote. The awards are informed by the comments, recommendations and polling of ordinary tourists; not professional travel writers.


"It’s that time of year when travelers are dreaming of getaways to warm beach destinations. To provide inspiration on where to go, we’ve named some amazing hot spots around the world, based on millions of real and unbiased reviews and opinions from TripAdvisor travelers," said Barbara Messing, chief marketing officer for TripAdvisor. "In addition to the outstanding beaches, these destinations also feature top-rated options for hotels, vacation rentals, attractions, and restaurants."

The comments left by holiday-makers can be read on TripAdvisor. Here are a few picks from those consumer reviews:

Unlike many other beach resorts, Tulum restricts the size and height of their hotels. So you won't find 10 story mega hotels with thousands of guests spilling out onto the beaches in Tulum. Just small quaint grass roofed resorts with 10-12 rooms to suit everyone from the backpacker to the rich and famous. Even if you visit during the high season you'll still feel like you have the place to yourselves. You could walk down the beach a quarter mile before passing anyone.
Tulum, Mexico: World Class Beaches

The reef is actually about 400-500 meters out. Just swim straight off shore and you can't miss it. No dangerous currents, the waves will always take you back to shore if you get tired and just float. The mild currents can take you a little bit north or south, but they will never suck you out into the deep sea.
Tulum Forum: Swimming out to reef for snorkling - Safe?

At the end of the main access road to the beach road, you can turn left or right. If you turn right and head south, this road leads to the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve and at the very end of the road you'll find the fishing village of Punta Allen... The sheer beauty of this regions makes it worth the 2 - 3 hour trip! Great scenic views along the way to stop at!
Tulum: Neighborhoods


Tulum & Xel-Ha All Inclusive
Tulum & Xel-Ha All Inclusive
Combine Maya history with natural beauty! Tour the Tulúm ruins, then swim in the Xel Ha natural aquarium.


  1. 2011 Travelers’ Choice Beaches Awards ? any more information about it?

  2. Hi TripAdvisor UK,

    Yep. By clicking your link. ;)

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