July 12, 2011

Garrafón Natural Reef Park, Isla Mujeres

There are many places in Mexico where people can relax in a hammock within a sublime setting; there are just as many locations for adrenaline kicking adventure. One of the best is an attraction that combines both ends of the spectrum: Garrafón Natural Reef Park.

This is a coastal area of outstanding beauty, on the southern part of Isla Mujeres. Soaring cliffs allow breath-taking views over the Caribbean Sea and the land around it. The scenery alone is worth the trip, especially on the gentle walk around to the most easternly tip of Mexico and the highest point in Yucatan, Punta Sur.

The remains of a temple dedicated to the Maya mother goddess, Ix Chel, is here, high upon the cliff-top. Historically, female pilgrims would come to obtain the blessing of the priestesses, hence the name of the whole island - Isla Mujeres (Isle of Women).

Down below is the famous Sculpture Garden. In 2001, the Sebastian Foundation brought together 23 artists, from home and abroad, to each create a monument to the Maya spirit. The resulting figurines fill the area with vibrant color. There is also part of 'The Silent Evolution', under the waves, just off this bit of coastline.

For those interested in knowing all that Punta Sur has to offer, there are guided tours available from the entrance to Garrafón Natural Reef Park. If you are planning to walk up there, with a guide or without, it's worth taking a few coins with you. The restaurant at the top isn't part of the main park, so food and drink isn't included in your entrance fee.

However, that ticket in does provide you with a large range of other goodies! Lunch and drinks are included, which will give you the energy for a go on the zip-line. It's not the longest in Mexico, but it does take you zooming out into the ocean.

Or perhaps you would prefer snorkelling? As well as the aforementioned artifical reef, there is the actual coral reef, with all of its tropical marine life to see. There's also bungee jumping, kayaking and/or a bicycle tour of the whole island.

For those for whom this sounds too much like activity in the Mexican heat, then there are plenty of white silk hammocks, strung between two palm trees, and loungers to settle into. The bar will keep you supplied cocktails to sip. There is also the infinity swimming pool for a refreshing dip. It comes complete with waterfall and panoramic views of Cancún Bay.

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