June 21, 2010


Considered as the city that never sleeps, Acapulco is a major sea port in the state of Guerrero on the Pacific coast of Mexico, and 190 miles southwest from Mexico City. Acapulco is located on a deep, semi-circular bay with hills and cliffs on either side. Many of the restaurants, clubs and hotels are located to take advantage of these incredible views.

There are three distinctive areas in Acapulco. The real heartbeat of Acapulco is in the main street, Avenida Costera Miguel Alemán, known locally as just "The Costera". If you are going almost anywhere in Acapulco (dining, drinking, shopping, or beaches) you will come in contact with the Costera, due to the incredible scenery and true nightlife experience.

This true nightlife experience is represented by the best clubs in Latin America such as El Alebrije, considered the largest club in Latin America; Palladium, where the large panoramic glass wall which forms one side of the dance floor is very impressive, and Baby’O the most luxurious club in Acapulco.

During the day most of the focus in Acapulco is on the beach. The whole bay is lined with beautiful beaches with incredible views, such as the famous Quebrada, where you can watch divers perform their impressive jumps into the shallow stream of water of dangerous tides that forms in the bottom part of La Quebrada.

The zócalo or town square is a peaceful area, which represents the cultural side of Acapulco, is shaded by giant rubber and mango trees. Here you can mingle with the locals as they go about their daily business. Also, visit the cathedral or dine at the many little restaurants of typical Mexican food.

Main attractions in Acapulco are sport activities such as golf in the huge courses home to four championships, fishing, tennis, and aquatic activities such as wave runners, peddle boats parasailing, banana rides and even a beachfront water park.
If you get tired of the beach, city activities will give you then fun you need. Go karts and bull fights are very common in Acapulco. Also, shop in the modern malls and small markets that will provide you with luxurious items such as designer clothing and cultural souvenirs.


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