June 28, 2010

Nightlife in Playa del Carmen

Dubai Club (Ex Bali)

Dubai night club is a fairly new place to party in Playa. However, in little time it has become one of the best places to enjoy music, dance, and party.
All in all a great club, with Indonesian inspired decor and a good sound system. The music did tend to vary rather drastically from deep house, vocal trance, to local pop. The decoration evokes the mysticism of Indonesia's Islands, perfectly mixed with the modernity of the night club.
Dubai's concept provides a multi-level, eclectic DJ, and indoor air-conditioned, inside you have a great view to the dance floor, as its capacity is for 1,200 persons. It's located in a great location opposite La Santanera club on 12th between 5th and 10th.
Dubai is popular among celebrities as is very common to see live concerts here. It also has live performances by outstanding International acrobats on week days (Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays).

Blue Parrot

The Blue Parrot is a lively outdoor club/bar with BBQ and lots of action. This club goes after hours and has theme nights as well.
Blue Parrot was named by Newsweek in 1998 as one of the best ten bars around the world. This place is a must-see to party for locals, and has become famous for its big wooden swing chairs around the bar. You can enjoy the music while resting in the white sand beach and the waves are literally touching the dance floor. Inside the Palapa lounge yo will enjoy chill out music and a mix of progressive popular music.
This is a day and night club, so if you are not interested in partying by night, you can relax throughout the day will listening to de DJ put soft and sensual music. You can also eat and drink from 7:30 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon.

El Alux is most definitely amazing - it's a real, alive cave that has been turned into an incredible bar, restaurant and series of winding passageways that lead to various VIP bars and hang-outs complete with growing stalagmites and stalactites and the coolest of uber-cool decor.
Walking down into the cave you're first greeted by hosts at the entrance and shown into either the bar or restaurant. Each of the cocktails are stamped with the bars signature take on the drink, many even created purely by the bar itself and utilizing traditional Mexican ingredients. The service here is top notch.
For the use as a restaurant, the cave was developed similar to a show cave. There are concrete paths, electric light and handrails. Numerous chambers were transformed into different kinds of pubs. There is a restaurant which seats 150 persons, a Bar Lounge for 110 persons which allows live concerts, a side branch of the cave is coverted into a VIP space, Bar Tortuga is a private bar for up to 50 persons, which may be booked for receptions, and finally Salón Califa is another VIP area.

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