June 22, 2010

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a unique hybrid of colonial village and mega-resort, where a tangle of quaint streets leads to the lively malecón (boardwalk). Beyond that, the beach takes center stage, making way for whale- and dolphin-watching expeditions, diving with giant manta rays, and stunning Pacific sunsets. Most of the north side of the bay lies in our neighboring state of Nayarit while Puerto Vallarta, is in the state of Jalisco, the home of Tequila and Mariachi. The whole bay is developing rapidly, with Nayarit developing faster than Vallarta. Unlike Cabo San Lucas and Cancun, Vallarta is ringed with jungle covered mountains. In many places the jungle is footsteps from the beach. Numerous year-round rivers feed the Bay.

Puerto Vallarta is quite simply one of the most beautiful, cultured, luxurious vacation spots in all of Mexico, and indeed in the world. Here you will find the ultimate fusion of traditional Mexican culture, from bullfights to grilled marlin served beachside; and the finest of resort living, from spectacular sport fishing to all-inclusive resorts that cater to your every whim.

Puerto Vallarta offers amenities and attractions not readily available in any other part of Mexico and perhaps not in the world. Weather hovers in the mid 80's (30ºC) for much of "high season," giving way to rainy summer season from late June to early October. Some people even prefer those months, delighting in the electrical storms that produce an orchestra of lightning that dances throughout the sky. Then, it's back to those glorious sunsets that attract visitors to every rooftop across the town. As the sun sinks, everyone waits to see if the proverbial "green flash" will be visible. For those content to walk established paths, there are many tour options: hiking, sport fishing, golf, whale watching, ATV, jungle tours and restaurants galore.

Golfers will find courses designed by Jack Nicklaus and Tom Weiskopf among the 7 championship layouts in the area. Puerto Vallarta's climate makes golf a year-round option.

If romance is in the air and the ultimate destination wedding is your goal, Puerto Vallarta offers many wedding coordinators who will effortlessly handle the paperwork and arrangements to make your ceremony (and honeymoon) the ultimate in romance, beauty and tranquility.

For family vacations, you won't find a finer destination. There are abundant activities for all ages and interests, from beachside fun to craft and sports gatherings for kids and adults.

The art and music abound in the city, with live concerts of all types, beachfront sculpture displays and hundreds of other exhibitions and performances both large and intimate. The local Indian culture is prominent, with an abundance of crafts and local wares available for purchase.

With so much that Puerto Vallarta has to offer, every moment in this beautiful vacation spot can be shaped to meet your individual desires. Find yourself strolling back in time as you meander down the streets of the historic area of town, or the village of San Sebastian (15 minutes by plane) or follow your own steps to the rhythms of the Mariachi.


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