May 31, 2010

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On Friday, I had the pleasure of speaking with Amigo Rodrigo of KMex Radio. This is an English language radio station for expatriates from anywhere, who are living now in Mexico. It's also good for those who wish that they were in Mexico, now that the home skies are darkening and paradise seems a billion miles away.

Amigo founded KMex Radio as 'something to do while in Mexico'. He does have the day job too. He's a professional voiceover artist. Originally a native of Minnesota, USA, Amigo has travelled all over the world. He and his wife have lived in California and Wisconsin, USA, as well as Wellington, New Zealand, before heading out to Mexico. They know the pitfalls, challenges and pleasures of setting up home in foreign climes.

KMex Radio seeks to address these. It brings together people from America, Canada, Europe, Australia, South Africa and dozens of other places, creating a community of ex-pats. Amigo found that they all had something in common. While most people arrive in Mexico looking for beaches, cheap beer, cheap shopping and all of the other superficial delights, those who live here find that there is so much more. They share their newfound love of the country, while exchanging tips to counter some of its challenges.

One of these major issues was the language barrier. In the tourist areas, like Cancún, English is spoken everywhere. Most ex-pats can get by with little or no Spanish at all. However, everyone would like to learn the language. Being able to order your food in the restaurant is all well and good, but the best local newspapers are in Spanish for a start! KMex Radio is doing its bit to address this need. There are links on the website for the best Spanish language literature. Meanwhile, on air, there is the Spanish word of the hour. Liliana Ayende, better known as the weathergirl on NYC's CW11 Morning News, introduces a different word each hour, covering a host of diverse subjects.

In addition, the programme has tips, advice, English language Mexican news and 24 hours worth of upbeat music to have you dancing in your chair.

If you wish to hear the interview that Amigo Roderigo did with Jo from Endless Tours, then you need the May 29th 2010 show. Please click here to find that.

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