May 25, 2010

We Have FiveTripAdvisor Winners!

Every year, TripAdvisor examines the millions of reviews left on its site and selects the 10 best vacation destinations.

The reviews are the result of approximately 35 million people giving their honest opinion of the places that they personally visited. They aren't professional travel agents, they are ordinary people. They can just as easily write, 'I got food poisoning and the service was rubbish', as 'OMG! That was the best experience of my life!' They are you and I, telling us as it is.

With a jury like that, it renders it all the more amazing when a location wins anything. To get into the Top 10 Beach & Sun Destinations in the World is nothing short of spectacular. This year, Tulúm and Huacatula managed it. Go Mexico!

The full listing is:

1, Provindencials, Tuscany, Italy
2, Tulúm, Mexico
3, Byron Bay, Australia
4, Cook Islands
5, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
6, Huacatula, Mexico
7, Negril, Jamaica
8, Culebra, Puerto Rico
9, Boracay, Philippines
10, San Diego, California, USA

The prestigious site described Tulúm thus:

Tulum is relaxation and romance with an ancient angle. Guests can enjoy modern takes on traditional Mayan massage and spa treatments, or sunbathe on gorgeous Yucatan beaches within site of well-preserved ancient ruins. A rare mix of beach, archaeology and village, Tulum is a romantic getaway like no other.

While Huacatula was summarized as:

With nine bays and 36 beaches, Huatulco is ideal for anyone who loves the sun. It's not an overdeveloped resort town, but the hotels are comfortable—even luxurious. Ecotourism is gaining in popularity, so take a break from sunbathing and try river rafting or a hike through the jungle.

But that isn't all. Todos Santos came 7th in the Top 10 Emerging Destinations in the World. The site had this to say about the town:

Sitting at the point where the Sierra Laguna mountains meet the desert and the Pacific, Todos Santos is a piece of Baja you don’t want to miss. But get here soon—Todos Santos is transitioning from a quiet, dusty Mexican seaside secret into the bustling hermanito of Cabo San Lucas, so you'll want to visit before the crowds are permanent.

Ixtapa came 8th in the Top 10 Family Destinations in the World.

This resort town on Mexico's Pacific coast boasts five great beaches. Families will especially like Playa La Ropa. Want to spoil the kids (and make them want to become marine biologists)? Swim with dolphins at Delfiniti.

There was also a Mexican placing in the Top 10 Relaxation & Spa Destinations in the World category, Playa Mujeres came 6th.

Just north of Cancun, this seaside resort community is a far cry from the spring-break crowd. Bordered on one side by the Mexican Caribbean and the other by a wetlands wildlife preserve, the vibe in Playa Mujeres is one of laid-back luxury in a natural, untouched landscape. Unlike many other such tranquil places, Playa Mujeres is not a pain to get to. It's an easy ride from Cancun airport.

Didn't we do well?

Tulum & Xel-Ha All Inclusive
Tulum & Xel-Ha All Inclusive
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