May 10, 2010

Welcome! Bienvenido!

Welcome to the Endless Tours Cancun blog!   The idea here is to share our extensive knowledge of all things Mexican with you.   By the time you come on vacation here, you will feel like a native! 

There is only so much information that we can give you in the tour descriptions, so this is a place to revisit places in more depth.   It will also highlight little known places to visit, to which we don't currently offer organised trips, but we still want you to know about them.   It will be a place for tips; and a place to address your fears (yes, there are sharks close to the shores of the  Yucatán Peninsula.  They've devoured precisely zero people in all of recorded history, on account of being nurse sharks and therefore more interested in plankton).   It will also be a place for guides and/or instructions on how to slip seamlessly into the culture and therefore experience the real Mexico.   We will also occasionally have guest local writers posting an entry, who can tell you all about their homeland from an insider's perspective.

In short, it will be a ragbag of everything!   And hopefully there will be something there to entertain or inform everyone.   It will be updated on an as and when basis, sometimes every day, sometimes every other week.  It's always worth checking back to see what's new.

Please do comment, if you have something to add to the articles.   It's always better to have a mix of opinions and nothing illustrates a point better than real life stories shared by those who experienced them.   The more the merrier, we say; and particularly comment if you disagree with what's being written.  Our readers need to know the alternative view too!

Also comment if you'd like to request a blog topic.   We can't promise to accommodate them all (I mean, if you're going to ask about historiography of the production of Agave Fourcroydes and its impact upon the Mayan socio-economic climate between the 4th and 6th centuries CE, then we might struggle a bit.   Or point you towards Licor del Henequén, a traditional alcoholic drink made from the plant and hope that you enjoy that so much that you forget about the question...).   However, we will try very hard to follow up every request.   In fact, ask away anything!   It will be a challenge!   *goes to look up Agave Fourcroydes*

Let the blog begin!

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