May 27, 2010

Time, Brian Cox and Chichén Itzá

Professor Brian Cox is a British particle physicist. Before that, he was in chart-topping pop band D:Ream. Next time you're bouncing around, at a Cancun beachparty, to 'Things Can Only Get Better', raise a glass to Brian Cox's keyboard skills. Though he's moved on from his synthesizer to the solar system, he's still on the television. He makes documentaries explaining, in layman's terms, the science behind the workings of the universe.

For one of these documentaries, 'Do You Know What Time It Is?', he visited Chichén Itzá. Against a backdrop of the stunning views from the top of its famous Mayan ruins, Prof Brian Cox discussed time. Specifically he used the buildings and the landscape to show how the Maya saw the passage of the sun; and how that understanding shaped their architecture.

The pyramid that Prof Cox climbed is El Castillo; while other scenic shots showed El Caracol (the observatory), the Temple of the Warriors and an iguana. The building that he walks into is El Caracol again.

This is only a snippet of the full documentary.

Chichén Itzá
Chichén Itzá
Various tours, to suit every wallet or time-frame, to the most famous of all the Maya ruins.

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