August 13, 2010

Thank You

Endless ToursHaving surpassed 1,000 unique visitors to this blog, I wanted to thank you all for reading it. What makes us even prouder is that 700 of you kept coming back for more! I am glad that you are finding it an entertaining source of information about our beloved Mexico.

When we started this blog, in May, I didn't expect to be sitting here just three months later looking at nearly 2000 visits, amassing 3,863 page views, on it. That's really made my day. Thank you very much and I hope that you will continue to enjoy the articles that we write.

You may be interested to know which are the top ten most viewed blog entries:

1, Why Biodegradable Sunscreen?

2, Pirates of the Caribbean - Jean LaFitte

3, Why Can't I Climb on the Maya Pyramids?

4, How to Haggle for Goods at the Mercado

5, El Calendario de Todos Santos

6, Roger Waters, 'The Wall', in México City, 2010

7, Drug Wars - Cancún is Safe for Tourists

8, Gay Vacations in the Riviera Maya

9, The Oil Leak isn't in the Mexican Caribbean

10, Xcaret - The Secret Sanctuary

Thank you very much for reading! <3

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