August 20, 2010

You Only Live Once

Joe Vass originally came to the Yucatán Peninsula as a tourist, and it changed the direction of his life. I discovered his YouTube channel last week, while searching for videos about sea turtles. His film touches upon them, but it's so much more. His enthusiasm about Mexico is infectious.

Joe and Cindy Vass, according to their YouTube profile, were construction workers, in their native Kelowna, British Columbia, in Canada. Their vacation to the Yucatán Peninsula sparked a change of vocation, into freelance videography, producing and photography.

It all fed into their personal belief in 'YOLO' - You only live once.

"How often does one promise themselves, "when I have . . . I'll . . . (i.e. get that car, travel, etc.). Time moves on - stuff happens - opportunities gone. YOLO! We are passionate about travel, HD videography and photography and decided to do it!

"Why YouTube? We wondered how we could inspire others; to travel or pursue their dreams. We decided simply to show you what we have done. Maybe you'll see something here that inspires you or amuses you (Beware of Joe's humor). In the mean time, we're going to continue to travel and produce 'clips' for you and chase our ultimate dream: to become the 'clip encyclopedia' for the world with all its wonders and beauty."
Joe and Cindy Vass, on their YouTube Channel profile

It's hard to argue with that! We, at Endless Tours, wish them well on their journey and thank you both for the amazing footage of our country.

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